CCTV Systems

Combined with other security measures, cameras can be a formidable tool in the fight against crime with the CCTV Monitoring of your business or home providing a valuable visual aid to the security of your property.Recent advances in technology has seen the introduction of 720P HD and 1080P HD Cameras, Recorders and Monitors resulting in superior live and recorded video footage.

New HD Turbo CCTV

Electro Guard have introduced a range of Turbo HD products to our range that allow customers to install new Turbo HD recording equipment to existing installed analogue systems resulting in improved footage from existing cameras and allowing a gradual migration to a full HD system by replacing cameras over a period of time to suit your individual needs.

Electro Guard's sales team are able to demonstrate this high quality equipment from your property by remote dial in over the internet to our HD CCTV system, installed in our Dundee office.

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All our installations come with a twelve month warranty as standard and a maintenance contract can be added to ensure your CCTV System is kept in working order throughout its lifetime. 

CCTV Systems