Electronic Home Security


Our Alarm Monitoring facilities ensure that once your system is connected to our ARC ( Alarm Receiving Centre ) that your Home or Business System will receive 24/7 Monitoring and Protection. Monitoring gives you peace of mind that any Confirmed Intruder,Fire or Medical alert signal received from your system will be notified immediately to the appropriate emergency services.

Home Alarms can be fully Monitored and Annually Serviced from as little as 55 pence per day.

Monitoring Options



Wireless Monitored Alarm Signalling System

With Essential, you get simple, affordable, wireless alarm signalling.

It comes with a SIM card that switches between the main UK mobile networks, so you always get the best connection. And it’s monitored by experts that keep an eye on your property day and night. All year round.


Essential Extra

Redcare Essential Extra Dual Path Monitored Alarm Signalling System

No broadband? No problem.

A wireless dual path alarm signalling system with two (always on and always monitored) 4G SIMs. Giving low to medium risk sites twice the protection for both fire and security. And with no wiring to worry about, it couldn’t be easier to set up.



Redcare Advanced Dual Path Monitored Alarm Signalling System

A flexible way to protect your home or business

Advanced gives you home and business alarm signalling that can change with your needs. It comes with two signalling paths for twice the reassurance.

And it’s monitored by experts that keep an eye on your property day and night. So if something triggers your alarm they’ll know about it. Fast.


Advanced Extra

Redcare Advanced Extra Dual Path Monitored Alarm Signalling System

An adaptable, upgradeable signalling system that’s small and easy to install

Advanced Extra gives your home or business alarm signalling that can change with your needs. It comes with two signalling paths for twice the reassurance.

It’s monitored by experts that keep an eye on your property day and night. And it comes with even faster reporting times. That means if there’s a fault with the connection, experts will know about it in just 180 seconds.



Redcare Ultimate Dual Path Monitored Security Alarm Signalling System

Our best, most responsive system yet

With Ultimate, you’ll get our best alarm signalling system yet – for every level of risk. It uses a private IP connection on our network and comes with a backup, powered by two 4G SIMs.

There’s battery backup in the alarm panel to keep things running, even in a power cut. And if that’s not enough, enhanced monitoring means experts will know about any problems with your connection in just 90 seconds.


Essential IP

Essential IP makes updating dial up PSTN systems easy.

It connects to your customers’ broadband over Ethernet or wi-fi, has an OLED display and dial capture on board for a speedy install. It exceeds SP2 performance levels (equivalent to the old Grade 2), reporting path faults within 60 minutes, much faster than traditional digi communicators. Making it the perfect set-up for future-proofing low-risk premises.

Our services

CCTV Systems

Infrared CCTV Cameras can be quickly and neatly installed by our Installation Teams. They can also be viewed remotely on your phone, iPad or PC from anywhere in the world. Let Electro Guard design, install and connect your system to your broadband for remote viewing. You will gain access via our App, giving you added security and peace of mind. All our systems come with a 12-month warranty on parts and labour. What’s more, you may also complement your system with our maintenance package .
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Access Control

Whether it is to stop unwanted Intruders passing the Reception area unnoticed or restricting access to a certain area within a building, we have the product to suit your circumstances.
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Fire Alarms

Under the new regulations, by 1st February 2022 every home in Scotland must meet the ‘Tolerable Standard’ by having smoke alarms in every circulation space, smoke alarms in the rooms most frequently used, a heat alarm in the kitchen and a Carbon Monoxide alarm where there is a fuel burning appliance or flue. All fire alarms must be interlinked to form an effective warning system.
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Our team of fully qualified professional Locksmiths operate throughout Tayside and Scotland, providing Emergency response for Lockouts, Lockins, Cylinder replacements, Lock Repairs and Lock Changes.
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Support & Maintenance

The company is currently engaged in the design, installation, commission, handover and maintenance of Intruder and Hold Up Alarm systems, Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems and Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.
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